Sure there are regular dragons and metal dragons

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Lets say RuneScape gold you choose a manner were you have a hawk ( The hawk are a new summoning familiar specially built for this particular game) recognizable and you send it out toward your target to attempt to steal the object he is carrying in his stock. Also, because the method of thieving you are using involves not you, but another monster to go and steal the item from your competitors inventory, you can rune out of sight of your goal so he does not understand that your hawk recognizable is going to take his item and bring it back to you.

In case a familiar succeeds he'll bring back the thing he stole from the opponent and he'll have four more uses out of those five he began with. If he fails he won't get the item and he will automatically dismiss himself from your command and he will even leave the name of his master on a burnt piece of paper so that your target will know who is after him and will be ready for you the next time.

Lets say you've obtained multiple items from the mini-game and are prepared to leave. You may be wondering why"Well if you are not allowed to teleport from the mini-game area, how do you get out? Well in the list of your acquired items your aims and your thieving stove meter, there's a button that says"exit match". Well this explains the basics, in case you have any questions, opinions or ideas, please post them in this topic.

Sure there are regular dragons and metal dragons and people are challenges to some people. There are Fiends that are elemental, but not dragons! So here is my thought for the Elemental Dragons. (I'll try my best to describe, sorry, no photos. Use your creativity )

appears white and a little opaque. It mainly uses Wind Blast on you, so make certain that you have Shield from Magic on. Once defeated, it always drops Air Runes, ranging from 50-150. It has the same amount of HP as a Green Dragon. For Magic, it is weak against Earth spells and resistant to Fire charms. For Melee, it is weak against Chop and resistant to Stab, Lunge, and Block. For Ranged, it is feeble aginst Rapid and buy OSRS gold resistant to Accurate.