Remember that silver dagger in the quest?

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Abyssal Walker - While summoned the distance of OSRS gold your ranged attacks is raised by two squares. Pyrefiend - While summoned can add Fiend Strike to a weapon decreasing each one of your opponents stats by 1%. Abyssal Leech - While summoned can drain your opponents health and return 200% to you.

Abyssal Demon - While summoned all of your stats are increased by 100 percent, however it can also turn you back, eliminate the bonuses and then knock one down by 90 percent before vanishing, in addition it may also summon you to a round arena and challenge one to fight it, except it will be 160 instead of the standard level and also for the first 5 rounds drop Nether Pages which would be held by Malignus Mortifier until a Blood Quest is created together. Icefiend - While summoned may add Fiend Strike to your weapon diminishing all your opponents stats by 1 percent and slowing them down by 3%.

Vials of Blood. Remember that silver dagger in the quest? Why you wield your enemy can not fall under 1hp (dont count on it for like eternity instruction against one enemies because you can just use it on each creature for 3 swings. Vials of Blood are obtained while holding vials in your inventory and everytime you make an attack against some of the following creatures with the silver dagger after the monster reaches 50% health will fill a vial with blood. Vials of Potent Blood are obtainable from: Vampires, Vampyre Juvenates, Afflicted, Ogres Cyclops, Skeleton Fremmeniks. Shards are randomly dropped from whatever. Corpses are obtained in the creatures themselves as are body parts.

The Old Fremennik Sword is a random drop from any Skeleton Fremmennik. Electric Beads are dropped by Killerwats. Also vials of blood can be purchased in Canifis General Store: Vial of Blood: 200gp. Vial of Potent Blood: 800gp. Vial of cheap RS gold Dire Blood: 1,300gp. Shards can be purchased near Lletya from precisely the same person who enchants your small crystal artifacts, the teleport ones.