I strongly doubt they do, even when they did

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I strongly doubt they do, even when they did

Or if Jagex has a means of recording the RS gold chat around the world at any particular time. I strongly doubt they do, even when they did, would you imagine or simply fathom the notion of just how much space that could take up. Once time has passed this notion can then be optimized and conducted automatically. I know just like you said that there will be people who aren't macroing that'll get banned, but you can always appeal that prohibit.

Well I saw someone with a few of those Chompie Hats and I believed I could try for one. I left some brutal arrows and led to the swamps. After a while there I had awakened 300 kills and had several new feathered hats. Take Net Trapping such as; Set up the net snare, Walk away and hide, Wait for prey to become captured, Go and collect your grab.

Now lets look at Chompy Hunting; Fill a swamp toad whith swamp gas and then put it as a trap, Walk away and conceal, Wait for Chompy to come and kill it, Pluck the chompy for feathers and chompy meat. As you can see they're nearly identical but one does not give hunter xp. What I suggest is that you get exp to get Chompy Hunting, possibly something like that: (Base idea from Neophyte123) There are 3 types of hats: 1 feather, 3 feathers and 5 feathers.

Although some of those higher Hats may seem like a lot of xp, it has taken me several hours to receive my 300 kills. My greatest number of kills in 1 hour is approximately 60, so it might equate to approximately 30k xp an hour which is considerably slower that Red Chins even using all the highest hat. If you already have searched chompies until you would go Huntz, the oge who gives one of the hats, and he would provide you a lamp using the xp you've earned inside. Well I'm Here To Explain That Topic A Little Further To Show You That It Just"Can" Happen. Ok, Everybody Knows There Are Different Colors Of Clothing. Well How Can They Get That Way? Colored Dyes Of Coarse. Before I proposed A New Skill Or Addon To Crafting Using Dyes To Color Clothes And Leathers. No Longer Can I Recommend That. I Suggest Both A New Quest And Room.

You speak To The Bank Official In Fally who is cheap OSRS gold inside bank and he tells you he needs you to re-dye all the banker outfits gray because they're losing colour. You accept and u need to discover a speed to redye them. You Will Have to Visit Aggies House In. Draynor Village. She's The One In The. Goblin Diplomacy Quest Who Makes Your Dyes. How Does She Do This You Ask, She Has A Secret Location Whose Location Is Unknown And Whose Entrance Is Your Wardrobe In Here HomeNARNIA lol. What You'll Do Is Ask Her How She Made The Dye After You Finish The.