It is possible to complete Hand in the Sand pursuit

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When your Firemaking is large enough collect at OSRS gold least four pieces of warm clothing (ie. When ready go to Wintertodt Camp (situated in northern reaches of Arceuus) in Great Kourend and help pyromancers include Wintertodt by maintaining the braziers lit and making sure none of these weak wizards pass outs due to getting owned by boss. Particularly susceptible to Ranged weapons Combat level 13 chaos druids result in an easy prey, be vigilant though as chaos druids spot tend to be haunted by player killers, so equip just necessary combat items and take one-click teleporter with you just in case. There aren't any special requirements aside from membership.

GREEN DRAGON HUNTING. Although there are just two ways of coming to the search, just the safer one will be described here as it's more rewarding one. Another involves drifting the Wilderness and thus forces player to danger his/hers spoils to player killers' ambushes. When all set and ready, visit Myth's Guild cellar and just scatter the dragons. They spawn in pair, overall you should be able to kill around 170 per hour. By killing the Green Dragons, you may receive Green Dragonhide - another valuable product. You could also consider farming Blue Dragons.

There is not any simple way of earning gold here as jobs vary considerably, describing each encounter is beyond the scope of this manual, this entrance here is just for informative purposes, aimed to provide participant a general idea of what could be done in order to better his/hers fiscal condition. Both gold creating Old school rs gold methods are pretty demanding concerning encounter difficulty and required abilities and gear are reserved for seasoned players.