You are good to go. Law Altar can be retrieved either directly

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Hardcore Ironman - Same as the above, except death in this OSRS gold manner is punished by degrading Hardcore Ironman into the normal Ironman. It doesn't apply to secure minigames like Nightmare Zone. Ultimate Ironman - Just like above, they're given Standard Ironman restrictions with some additional ones. They can be restricted from using banks of RuneScape, restricted from utilizing Managing Miscellania, or utilize a seed vault. On top of this, they'll lose their items upon death (although they will keep untradable items ).

HOW TO Start. If you would like to become an Ironman, then you will need to speak to NPC Paul based on Tutorial Island - due to that, only new accounts may become an Ironman. Once you arrive in Gielinor or, to be more precise, in Lumbridge, then you can start leveling your abilities. As getting through early stages of this game might be tough - particularly in the event that Rs2107 gold you don't have any gold or things - you should consider performing some quests. Those can offer you enough expertise and things to have a decent beginning. Most notable among those is the Waterfall pursuit, which can take you all the way to 30 Strike and 30 Strength and can be completed on a fresh account that just left Tutorial Island.