You'll have to talk to NPC Paul located on Tutorial Island

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GREEN DRAGON HUNTING. Although there are two ways of approaching the search, just the safer one will be described here since it's more rewarding one. The other involves roaming the Wilderness and thus forces OSRS gold player to danger his/hers spoils to participant killers' ambushes.

Again finishing Dragon Slayer II pursuit is necessary, aside from that 80 Combat skill level or more or 60 Ranged skill level and 25 Prayer skill level are a must. As for the equipment, get runic-grade or higher melee or ranged armor, ant-dragon or dragonfire protect, amulets of glory and Mythical cape. When all set and ready, visit Myth's Guild basement and only slay the dragons. They spawn in couple, overall you should be able to kill about 170 per hour. By concealing the Green Dragons, you will obtain Green Dragonhide - another valuable product. You could even think about farming Blue Dragons.

There is not any simple way of making gold as tasks vary greatly, describing every experience is beyond the scope of this guide, this entry here is just for educational purposes, aimed to provide player a general idea of what can be done to Buy old school runescape gold better his/hers financial condition. Both gold creating methods are pretty demanding in terms of experience difficulty and required abilities and equipment are reserved for experienced players.