You Might Want To Utilize Chinchompas

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Today, your account does not fit the majority of these requirements. I recommend these stats: Both 80 strength and attack. Defence is okay for now... 70 Prayer+Piety. 80 magic (this is why you will lose hp - you plead melee the whole time. Hope that RuneScape gold helps. How to fight them? They was like 400gp each now they are like 220 gp each. Why are firelighters tradeable currently? As soon as I got mine from a clue scroll they weren't... Firelighters became tradable with the recent update to hint scrolls before this month. Lobsters have dropped in price because a couple of weeks ago, a new NPC was inserted to Musa Point who will exchange your lobsters, tuna, and swordfish for noted variations, permitting completely free players to fish them more quickly.

This not only increased the distribution, but also made it a lot easier and more desirable for bots to fish there, so a lot of cheating-inclined players began macroing there and added added to the glut of supply. Each of the players who had their kingdoms set to fish dumped millions of swordfish and lettuce on the GE at once, causing the price to fall. Lobsters tend to follow along with the purchase price of swordfish and dropped so too, and the price is still recovering.

Not one of your approaches are making much greater than 200k gp/hr, so no more, you are not being effective. I suggest you develop your character by doing quests. You've got far too few pursuit points and all of the best moneymakers, equipment, and training methods are inaccessible to you because of this. Questing unlocks new actions and new equipment while Old school rs gold being the most efficient way possible to level up your skills (quest xp rewards!) . So. . .do some quests.