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More about Sega's next generation of Meseta pso2 was revealed at the Tokyo Game Show, and New Genesis is shaping up to be a significant upgrade from the present game. There are still many details to be revealed as time goes one, but some significant things like combat and the world are much clearer. Hiro Arai from Sega has been live for nearly an hour to show off footage of gameplay and talk about what new things are on the road. Not much was said about the present game as well as the update coming alongside NG's release other than the graphical update, which is looking fantastic.

Maps are no longer split into regions with loading screens. NG will have an entirely open world from the home base to the area. The TGS footage showed off a gorgeous new world that is a significant update from the current game. Blades of grass blow in the wind, lush forests lie on the opposite side of valleys and frosty mountains can be viewed from the distance. Arai cites that distinct regions can be reached easily by simply exposing the entire world. It seems like that is the planet Naberious in the present game, with PSO2 Meseta for sale forests being adjacent to tundra and other regions. Areas continue to be technically split up, but there's no loading between these. While it has not been directly mentioned, an open world like this implies there might not be single party places anymore. Most shown in the footage were multi-party areas where there were other players. The cover for multi-party areas continues to be reduced to eight down from twelve at the current PSO2, but who you see will differ from area to area.