Had a feeling this would happen

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I loosely adhere to the franchise and it is definitely stagnating. I would really like to find out what other developers could bring to Madden nfl 21 coins the table but given its overall sales I would not be surprised if the permit stays for awhile. It stinks to be forced into just 1 option per year. It is all good I am utilized to people writing doomsday scenarios. People do same with COD franchise. I've purchased one Madden the whole PS4 gen and only 2 throughout PS3. It's still a popular sport which is chiefly due to the exclusivity and marketing. Just like you said tho casual people do not really care. I just don't see how NFL could appeal to casual people really but I guess it will. EA is used to bad media so maybe their perception does not matter to them much. Check out Ryan Moody on YouTube. He has made a part-time job of shitting on Madden lol.

Had a feeling this would happen. EA has been wireless silent on anything about the next gen games. I wouldn't be shocked if they miss 2020 completely. Oh no, the sport I desire The most to see in next gen, but its odd, no gameplay, zero vídeos of following gen. Just like you can play the original cod or assasins creed 1 rather than the newest titles? Fifa gets played countless of hours by most people that purchase it. Even offline most ppl get far more value out of a yearly Fifa title than they get from copy-paste assasins creed /cod/mario kind games. Apart from the authentic top single player games such as RDR2 or Naughty puppy games - fifa has better gameplay and value compared to other single player games. lol what? You're spending full $60 for a buy mut coins madden 21 that can easly be a yearly update (new ui, moves, transfers) thats it.