Best Templar Build in Path of Exile

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In “Path of Exile”, there are many character categories, each of which has 1 to 3 helpful categories. Each character category can get different POE Currency and abilities according to the advantages the player chooses.

If you choose Templar as the category of the character you want to play, there will be 3 options to upgrade the category. They are judges, priests and protectors. Researchers are good at ignoring basic resistance and making very strong crit attacks. If you want to use a magic-based totem structure, Hierophant is an excellent choice. Defenders are more like fans because they use defenses and provide energy shields for allies. Each option is an excellent choice, depending on how you want to play the Knights Templar, but which is the best? There are many great things, but it is very suitable for room cleaning and high DPS.

Spark is one of the older skills. We can use it in many versions and have great destructive power. Spark allows players to closely combine damage, defense, and economy to project themselves.

Spark even has a sufficient range, so it is an excellent choice at the beginning, because the player can maintain a distance and cause tremendous damage to the enemy from a distance. Coupled with the cold damage caused by the “Brotherhood Summon” two-stone ring, it freezes the enemy and smashes it far away, making long-range attacks extremely effective and easy. This version of the 100-level passive skill tree shows how to optimize the Templar for the league.

This kind of architecture takes up a lot of screens space because it can eliminate every enemy in sight quickly. The zealots, the messengers of ice and the messengers of thunder and lightning are the core of the construction. If players want to enhance their attack power and survivability, the Golem is the best choice. If you want to achieve the best offensive effect, you can call lightning. In order to improve the mobility of the building, Flame Dash can allow players to get Arcane Surge support.

Next, some other Vaal skills that can be used are Vaal Fire of Justice and Vaal Haste. If your major goal is to cause damage and defeat the leader, then Buy POE Currency is a better choice, and the best option is to clear the area as soon as possible.

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