The new Madden NFL 21 tournament venue has been announced

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EA Sports announced this week's new e-sports tournament for Madden NFL 21, sponsored by Campbell's Chunky and featuring The Yard. The inaugural champion of the "Dwarf Paddock Invitational Tournament" will pit players against each other in the old-school and new-school battles, including their game with Madden 21 Coins themed equipment and a new backyard football style. You can participate in the competition by challenging in The Yard, which started on November 14th and will continue until December 3rd, when Old School switches to New School and reaches its peak on the 5th. You can read more about this below.

 Chunky champions are about recognizing and celebrating those champions who have performed their best in our lives-whether they are mothers, husbands, friends, or competitive Madden NFL players. In the "Chumpy Yard Invitational" championship, champion-level Madden NFL players will provide fans with a rare opportunity to confront them and improve the level of the game. In a team of four threesomes, professional competitive players will first compete with fans to get as many victories and get as many points as possible in a fast viewing experience. The two teams with the highest points, representing the "new school" and the "old school", competed head-to-head in the final. The champion of the Chunky Yard Invitational was almost held on Saturday, December 5th and offers a prize pool of $10,000.

"The structure of the Madden NFL 21 Championship Series has been improved, bringing a steady stream of entertainment to Madden players and NFL football fans," said Matt Marcou, Madden NFL Competition Games Commissioner. "We are very happy to work with Campbell's Chunky to become the star of our players and to introduce new ways to play Madden."

"Campbell's Chunky has established a successful long-term partnership with the NFL, and we see a huge opportunity to expand our brand in the Buy MUT Coins area," said Linda Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of the Food and Beverage Department of Campbell Soup Company.