What are some good ways to help players get enough POE Currency

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The first method is that players can capture beasts for Einhar. They can help hunters catch tenacious and rare creatures through unique modifiers, which players can then use to craft or change items. For most people, if they can master and use Bestiary well, they can earn lots of POE Currency without spending too much effort. When the player has many remaining beasts, you can find any Fenumal plague arachnid creatures and any Aspect-related beasts in Menagerie. All these creatures are worth a lot of money. For example, in the Heist League, the Fenumal Plague Arachnid is worth 175 Chaos Orbs.

The second method is to use existing technology to process and sell items for a sufficient amount of POE Currency, similar to trading.  Although snap-up items vary according to the metadata of the alliance, the core principle is to create items that the meta-build needs to use because they are in high demand. So the difference from the first method is that players need to master as much game knowledge as possible to have a deeper understanding of the use of this method.

The third method is more clumsy. Those players who don’t want to study how to get POE Currency can only achieve their goals by fighting all the time. This is a long process, and it may take a long time for players to get enough POE Items. The advantage of this method is also that it can continuously increase players’ combat experience and enhance their combat capabilities. They just need to find a pleasing build, browse the game content, see the most interesting farms, and then start to develop strategies to make the most of each game session.

Players who want to try more new ways can also go to the POE player community to see how others do it, which may bring them some inspiration. All in all, it is best for novice players to Buy POE Items and POE Orbs before entering the game to increase some protection.