With osrs certain you have nightmare z

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Combat is way easier in osrs. Much less things to pay attention to, etc. Both match has their different"difficult items to pull out" in battle, but the ability ceiling is much lower in osrs. Since they arent only less afk any different or more grindy skilling is at least as simple as in RS3. Nothing is difficult besides large end. buy rs gold fast imo has that hands down besides the inferno but thats a different demon. There is nothing and every style has AOE capabilies when added to soul divide. Even with it farther into RuneScape. Theres plenty of approaches to Max combat through abyss with blood neck.vamp air to easily become maxed very very quickly all afk clicking every 5mins to reset agro or utilizing agro pots.

With osrs certain you have nightmare zone, but the exp rates of that are 60-100k per hour clicking every 20mins with battle potions or maintaining 1hp with orb/rockcakes. Every single day of the week I would do RS3. I could max battle in perhaps a couple weeks all fashions in RS3 without having to spend much money and keeping up the worthiness of my equipment without needing to use considerably runes or compost since theres options like gaives DRL and stuff. I'll bring RC to get OSRS up cause its stupid. However, every ability requires hours and yield that is less. Even RS3's methods the equates to money earned will be the exp per hour compared to osrs. Sure its only click and wait, however, the is"problem" at RS.

Nobody is talking about xp prices generally OSRS - clearly in vs OSRS. But suitable PVM is more complex in RS3 at elevated levels, and that's the type of difficulty people are talking about. I would say I'm like a mid level PVMer and even with t90 weapons/t80 equipment and proper perks etc. I can't comfortably afk even a boss that is t70 without auras. If I wanted to begin studying the mid-range supervisors like Vindy, I'd have to go through a lot of research and food in order to even moderately do it on revo++ without even learning manual ability rotations to increase my DPS.

Anything higher than that is going to need a lot of effort since not only would I want to learn boss mechanisms, but I'd essentially be required to learn complete manual rotations for every combat style I would like to use, the way to switch gear efficiently to make the most of specials and perks, etc. For gamers with pay-for-BiS-gear-to-win in mind, OSRS costs far far more real cash.

What swap prices? You mean RS3 gp's exchange rate into OSRS gp? If so, 1 British Pound is worth 134 Japanese yen but such"swap prices" have nothing to do with the markets of England and Japan. RS3 gp and gold are different currencies. how to buy gold in runescape is in deflation, not inflation. That's why Jmod said we do not need GE Tax such as OSRS. Meanwhile, the OSRS is why they added Duel Arena Tax in inflation, that's, and GE Tax was proposed by Mod Ash. They also added the RS3 Death Mechanics aimed to carry gp from their market.