Games are $50-60 since I was purchasing them

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Yeah, this thread is amusing, especially when I am pretty certain the age demographic is slightly higher than other gambling subreddits. Games are $50-60 since I was purchasing them with allowance in 1999. You will find far more ways to get MT for sale 2K21 cheaply than ever before, you can get access to literally hundreds (or even thousands) of games for the price of a couple subscriptions right now. But when you reside in a nation with extreme wealth disparity where most people simply make enough to just get by, they blame reasonable costs of goods/services rather than attributing the economic system they reside in where that is an issue for them.

People spend $15-20 to go and watch a two hour film without batting an eyelid but $70 for possibly dozens if not hundreds of hours of entertainment is unreasonable? In the event the average game price $100 it'd still be really excellent value in terms of hours of entertainment per dollar. In addition to the fact that as you said games are $60 for well more than 20 decades now, we've been due a price increase for the last few generations. Whether an additional $10 per triple NBA 2K seems unreasonable or will break the bank for you, you probably shouldn't be buying brand new games anyhow.

Beside it being NBA 2K stuffed with MT. There's was some articles about somethings gotta budge, game development got more intense and bigger but the price of games remained the exact same pretty much possibly up a tenner over time. Price or shorter games more new I think was the end idea. But matches filled with MT should be free or half the cost or better yet just don't make them from a business stand point these games are ideal for them unfortunately.Not justifying this particular choice but I feel as though it is worth noting new matches are $60 since SNES days that are well over $100 corrected for inflation. The fact that they haven't raised the costs yet is somewhat baffling.

Do you think a reskin and roster update are worth $70? Every game today should cost less because when you buy a brand new game you are guaranteed bugs and updates. I really don't understand how they do not less. Seems like $69.99 will be the standard since people refuse to stop giving 2K cash. I don't buy games at full cost anymore so it does not affect me as much. It merely means matches will take to fall in cost.

Honest question for the people mad about this, even if a $10 price increase is an issue why to Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins the fuck are you currently buying a new $400+ console at launch? I simply don't understand how the personalities 2K amplify outrage on anything. Two kinds of people out here. Individuals that are going to buy it and people who were not likely to anyway. Is this covetous? Yup. Will it matter? Nope. Tired of those threads every week.